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Perfect in every occasion

Have a Good Tie revolutionises the popular imagination about neckties, moving away from rigid formalities and etiquettes. Tie is the accessory that represents masculine elegance par excellence and with Have a Good Tie it’s possible to rediscover the pleasure and the freedom to wear something unique and personal.

Our necktie is perfect at all times: from office to aperitif, from ceremony to leisure.

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The Logo

The Italian owl pigeon is a native species from Reggio Emilia, which owns its Italian name (t.n. Cravattato Italiano) to the peculiar puff of feathers on its chest. It is, by definition: lively, domestic, very elegant and excellent at flying. There is no better description for Have a Good Tie customers. The logo comes from this reference: a hybrid between the pigeon and a tie blowing in the wind.

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